About BibCharts

What are the BibCharts??

The BibCharts are an overview, showing how many fans on Facebook, followers on Twitter, or subcribers on Instagram the listed libraries and information centres have. It is drawn up monthly by the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (zbw.eu).

When the data are collected?

The data are collected at the first day of each month.

Do the BibCharts consider libraries all over the world?

Currently, mainly facilities of the German-speaking area are on the list. But we want to extend and to internationalize the scope step by step.

Are the BibCharts a ranking?

The BibCharts are no rankings, but an overview, which lists libraries that are active on the social web. The objective is to achieve greater transparency: Which library is making significant gains in community size? Why are some facilities more represented on Twitter than on Facebook? Through the BibCharts such movements can be displayed, so that other facilities can learn from it.

Where do the values come from?

The values are fetched directly via the interfaces of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and are automatically entered into the table at the beginning of each month.

How does the comparison of the facilities work?

In the table of the overview page you have the possibility to select several facilities. A click on the “show chart” button opens a comparison diagram.

Why are some facility descriptions under “Informations” are written so strange?

The texts appearing in the field “Informations” originate from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Changes which are made there for “Info” or “Biography” are reflected in the BibCharts with the next update.

Can I change the logo of my facility?

The logo is automatically fetched from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When the logo is changed there, it will appear with the next update in the BibCharts as well.

Which types of facilities the BibCharts distinguish?

The BibCharts distinguish two types of facilities: public libraries are displayed by the building icon, scientific libraries by the mortarboard.

Why I cannot find my facility in the BibCharts?

The list of the facilities is based on a manual registration. Click here, if you want to see your facility in the BibCharts.

Who is behind the BibCharts?

The BibCharts are developed and published by the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics.

Why the function XY is missing here?

Currently, the BibCharts run in a beta phase. We will expand the service gradually with additional functionalities. Please have some patience until then.

How can I contact the operators?

Quite simply via e-mail: :